Santin Earthmoving portfolio encompasses a full range of projects including:


  • Subdivisions
  • Rural Industries Construction
  • Road Construction and Re-construction for Council and Private Developments including the supply and delivery of road bases, installation of pipes and two coat or AC Sealing.
  • Car Park Construction including supply and delivery of roadbases and two coat or AC sealing.
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Stormwater / Sewer Reticulation
  • Farm infrastructure projects including:

    - Design and construction of Dams of 80-10 megalitres on private properties

    - Clearing for Forestry Replanting

    - Internal Road construction

    - Broad Acre Ploughing

    - Drain Excavation and Restoration

  • Waterway / Drainage Management
  • Flood Channel Construction
  • Quarry Management and Rehabilitation

Our plant operators have an extremely high level of competency and many years of experience in bulk earthworks and civil construction. We have both the personnel and equipment resources available to deliver projects promptly and to perform all tasks professionally.


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